Friday, October 31, 2008

I have no voice

I have no voice because I am Canadian, living here in the US. I cannot vote, I have no voice in the upcoming elections.
But in the Kingdom, I can lift up my voice in prayer, I can petition my Heavenly Father to rain down mercy, wisdom, compassion. I can call upon my God to have His will be done. There I have a voice.
The issue that matters to me more then any other this election is Abortion. As an adoptive mother I am daily thankful that our birth mother chose life and not death for my little man. My closest friends and family know that last year I lost a job I loved defending the unborn, and I would do it again in a heartbeat. A heartbeat.
I follow this blog
and read this post today. I am not nearly as eloquent, so I will encourage you to look there, watch the videos, and pray your vote, pray over your vote, pray for others who will vote. Cover the candidates in prayer. A heartbeat depends on you.

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Elsa said...

Thanks for sharing the link, Michelle. The voting choice really comes down to this issue for me.