Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Best Parts

When Giraffe was little, we would end each day talking about the best part of our day. This became "let's do best parts". As he got older the ritual became longer, adding sad parts and what we were most thankful for.
This night time routine became such a favourite that we would do it when he went to bed away from home, and when he had sleep-overs, so other kids had to add their own "best parts". Little friends and a special little niece would often ask to do "best parts" with me.
As Giraffe grew, so did this element. We began to include someone to pray for, to remind us to think not just of ourselves but of others.
When Giraffe asked Christ into his heart at the age of 5, we also added "something we need to ask forgiveness for". This can be a private conversation between Giraffe and God, or something to share with the wronged person.

I love this part of my day, and I was thinking I need to do this on my own too.
So here is my "Best Parts"

The best part of my day was snuggling with Giraffe who was home sick.
The sad part of my day was reading emails from friends who are hurting and very sad.
I am most thankful for a husband who got up early after working all night to take care of his son so I could put in a few hours at work.
I want to pray for my hurting friends who I love dearly and want to love them even more.
I need to confess my sin of complaining. I often find fault before finding the good.
Want to share your best parts?

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